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  Our company was founded in 1971 as erectrode contact processing manufacturer.We have developed that technology, and now we are making progress to become an indispensable company for our customers, primarily to produce mold tools and automatic machines.We will continue to challenge even more to serve customers by responding accurately to their needs by planning to further advance the design and assembly technologies and to further enhance the network connecting them.
CEO Takesi Sakamoto
Company name Aron Denki Co,.Ltd
Adress 950, Nagano, Satsuma-cho, Satsuma-gun, Kagoshima
 TEL 0996−58−0331
 FAX 0996−58−0365
Founding date February 11, 1971
Capital 35.12 million yen
Number of employees 110
Create new value with superior technology and quality, contribute to the pursuit of happiness of all employees and to a prosperous society
Core value
  1. Be sincere
  2. Trusted by customers
  3. Innovative and always aim for improvement
Standard of conduct
Do the right thing for the customer
 Business contents
 Development and manufacture of equipment necessary for productionin the manufacturing industry and provision of various services
 Integrated production (From design to assembly)
 Thorough quality control (Accuracy ・ Quality)
 Compliance with customer needs by the organizationwe named "Flat chameleon organization"