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Thank you for your interest in our recruitment.
If you need recruitment information for new graduates, go to our company's page in Rikunabi.
And Entry please.

If you have any questions about recruitment, tell our recruiters in general affairs department.

  • Job Category
    • Technical staff【university degree・masters degree】
    • Marketing staff【university degree・masters degree】
    • Machining staff【junior college graduate】
  • Main Work
    • Technical staff
      • Design and develop machines
        →Design and construct automatic machines,labor saving machines and inspection machines.Develop and design image processing systems.
      • Manufacturing technology・Process development
        →Consider processing method and optimal tools.Design processing program.
    • Marketing staff
      • General marketing
        →Order reception
    • Machining staff
      • Operate machining center
        make products, inspection, maintenance.
  • Work Location:Head office / Kagoshima prefecture
  • Working hours:8:00〜17:15(there is a flextime)

  • Salary
    • Actual value in april 2018
    • masters degree・・・ 205 thousand yen a manth
    • university degree・・・ 194 thousand yen a manth
    • junior college graduate・・・174 thousand yen a manth
  • Allowance
    • Supervisory post, Expartise, Programmer, Instructor, Committee,Commuting, Night shift, Performance evaluation, Holiday attendance,Housing, Parenting
  • Pay rise:Once a year
  • Bonus:Twice a year
  • Holiday vacation
    • 2 holidays a week
    • G.W
    • Summar vacation・ New Year Holiday
    • Congratulation and condolence leave
  • Insurance
    • Health insurance
    • Welfare annuity insurance
    • Employment insuranc
    • Workmen's compensation insurance
  • Welfare
    • Incentive of long-term service
    • Severance pay
    • Reward
    • Support qualification acquisition
    • A social gathering,and various system complete.

  • Documents to be submitted
    • Transcript
    • Certificate of expected graduation
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Health certificate

  • Documents submitted to
    • Aron Denki Co,.Ltd General Affairs Department 950, Nagano, Satsuma-cho, Satsuma-gun, Kagoshima 895-2203
  • Selection method
    • Document screening
    • Aptitude test (SPI)
    • Written examination
    • An interview